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Jake Russell

Steadicam operator

Born into a family of film makers, since early childhood I have been educated to the subtlety of moving pictures.   In 2012 I graduated from the renowned French cinema and audiovisual school - ARFIS, with a specialisation in camerawork.  In 2014 I deepen my knowledge in Philadelphia with the “Steadicam Operator’s Association”, the state of the art workshop with the creator of the Steadicam, Garrett Brown..


The perfect image, it’s beauty, lighting, and composition are the essentiel elements that drive me.  The conversation between the film director and the director of photography to break up a sequence shot by shot and create an ambiance with camera mouvement is what thrills me.  A moment where I deliver my technical knowledge and creativity with reliability and commitment.


I have spent much time in both England & France, including school years.  Today I am based in France, and fluent in both languages. My producers have taken me around the world and being bilingual is a great asset to communicate fluently with the locals, the film crew and the production team.

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